Monthly Archives: June 2014

Create Your Own Real Estate Client Satisfaction Survey

  1. Navigate to the Google Drive homepage
  2. Click the red button that says “create”.  Then scroll down and Click “Spreadsheet”
  3. Creating the spreadsheet
    • Title the spreadsheet by Clicking “Untitled Spreadsheet” at top, then rename it to your real estate client satisfaction survey’s title.
  4. Turn your spreadsheet into a web accessible collection form
    • Click “Tools” on the menu bar then select “Create a form” from the drop down menu.
  5. Add your survey questions
  6. Get the form link
    • To get the link to the form so you can email it to clients Click “View live form” on the toolbar menu. A new window browser window will open displaying the form.
    • Copy the link from your broswer’s address bar so that you can paste it into an email that you send out to your clients…You’re Done!

Here is a short how-to video with more detailed step-by-step instructions.