How We Work

Real Estate Coaching, Inbound Marketing, and Lead Generation

You set the goal. We will help you get the results.

The Smithson Group is a unique real estate coaching company. Our difference is that we don't believe in a one size fits all approach. That's why every client consultation starts by defining a baseline starting point and business goals. What follows for those that take the next step is implementation of a carefully crafted plan that produces maximum results. Every client knows what they want, but few know the most efficient approach to achieving desired results, which is where we come in.

You tell us your goals, budget, and timeline expectations. We then conduct thorough research, and work with you to design a custom real estate coaching plan for your business that fits your budget and gets results.

Inbound Marketing and Lead Generation

We design your real estate lead generation systems based on the latest research available within the real estate industry. We have extensive experience working with every major lead generation platform available. We are not tied to antiquated methods and systems that don't adapt to consumer behaviors. For that reason, our lead generation and marketing systems are constantly evolving to keep you ahead the competition.

We don't sell time, we sell value

We don't run a coaching factory here. Since we want to provide maximum value for each of our clients, we only work with a few at the same time. We like one-on-one training, discussion, and implementation, which requires full dedication to our real estate clients. This is how we can ensure the results of our coaching and lead generation systems.

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