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6 Easy Steps To Grow Your Real Estate Blog

If you’re like many agents today, you realize how powerful real estate blogging has become.  Blogging gives you an opportunity to build an audience that you can translate into sales.  It also gives you the opportunity to improve your site’s organic search engine rankings through backlinking and content syndication.  In an ever changing SEO landscape, many experts agree that the most sustainable strategy to building and maintaining your organic rankings, is through content curation like blogging.

Before we can address the external factors of marketing your blog post we have to address a key element related to the post itself, a picture.  Every blog post, at a minimum, should have a featured image associated with it. The featured image is very important because when you post links to your blog on Facebook, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, etc. your user interaction increases dramatically if there is a picture associated with your link.  In another words, people click links more often when there is an associated picture with it.  When choosing an image be very careful when using “free” images because they could be copyrighted.  If you don’t have your own picture to use for your real estate blog post, you can use sites like istockphoto.com and gettyimages.com to purchase royalty free images that are related to your subject matter.

Once your post has gone live it’s time to announce it to the world. Here are 6 steps to help you market your real estate blog post:

 1. Tweets & Schedule Tweets

Send out your initial tweet announcing your new post.  Schedule a tweet with a link to your blog post every six hours for the first twenty four hours.  Make sure to include relevant hashtags.  Using a URL shortening service like Bit.ly is a great tool for not only shrinking long URL links for Twitter post, but it also gives you tracking analytics. Here is an example:


2. Announce Your Post on Facebook

When posting to your personal or business page, make sure to write a short description with a strong call to action and include your link.  Facebook now supports hashtags just like twitter, so include those relevant to your blog’s topic.  In addition to posting on your own pages, consider posting in pertinent user groups.  Just make sure to review the Facebook Group’s posting guidelines so that you’re not spamming the members.

 3. Send A Broadcast Email To Your Followers

 Send a short email to your blog’s followers with a link to your post.  I recommend including a scaled down version of your featured image in the email to increase your link’s click rate.  Using an email marketing platform like MailChimp, InfusionSoft, or AWeber makes short work of this task.  These platforms also provide you with a rich set of analytics that you will not get otherwise.


 4. Share On Your Other Social Media Profiles

So you’ve posted links to Twitter and Facebook, but don’t forget about all of your other social media outlets.  Make sure to post backlinks on Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+ too.


5. Bookmark Your Post

Bookmark it on StumbleUpon, Reddit, and Digg.  These sites are a great way to drive more relevant traffic to your post.



6. Ping Your Post

The last step is to ping your post.  Many blog specific platforms like WordPress have automatic pinging built-in, but if your site doesn’t have this feature you can use a free service like Ping-O-Matic.  Basically, pinging alerts search engines and other sites that you have made a new post, which can help with content syndication.