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Generate More Buyer and Seller Leads Using Targeted Facebook Real Estate Ads

Targeted Facebook real estate ads are a hot topic in many real estate forums these days.  I see many “gurus” regurgitating basic methods of geotargeting users to increase engagement, but there is another way to more precisely target buyers and sellers that you have probably never heard of.

Let’s say that Maria is an agent working in an area of the country that has a strong military presence like Norfolk, Virginia.  It’s just been announced on the local news that a Navy aircraft carrier is being relocated from San Diego to Norfolk.  That means several thousand sailors, their families, and numerous support personnel are going to be relocating with the ship too.  Maria recognizes this as a great sales opportunity, but how is she going to market her relocation services to those families?  Yep, you probably guessed it…very targeted Facebook ads!

Like Maria, at this point you’re probably wondering how to go about targeting a very specific group of people on Facebook.  The key here is the word “group”.  If you didn’t already know, Facebook has thousands of groups based on interest.  Facebook groups can have open or closed membership.  An open group means anyone can join, while closed groups require approval by the group administrator in order to join.  What’s interesting about Facebook groups is that you can obtain the unique Facebook ID (UID) for each member, regardless of whether the group is open or closed, using a very cheap software tool like Facebook Group Snatcher.

So Maria downloads and installs the Facebook Group Snatcher browser plugin, and the Facebook Ads Power Editor.  With these two tools she now can get to work making a very targeted list of users.  The first thing Maria does is watch the short training videos provided by Facebook Group Snatcher.  A few minutes later Maria is searching for groups that are relevant to the aircraft carrier.  She finds that their are 20 different groups (e.g., ship spouses, ombudsmans, family support, chiefs, etc.).  Maria makes quick work of harvesting the UIDs from each group. When she finishes she has 4670 Facebook users who have a highly relevant connection to the ship that’s relocating.

Once Maria has cleaned up the list of UIDs and removed any duplicates, she logs into the Facebook Power Editor and sets up a new Audience.  The Audience feature allows Maria to display her Facebook relocation ads just to the 4670 people she has entered into her new audience.  In addition, Maria uses Facebook’s tracking pixel on her website so she can track conversions and precisely measure ROI.

The example of military relocation is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of how you can employ this targeted marketing method.  Another obvious aspect to this method is that it allows you to craft very specific ad copy that speaks to your audience, which will result in higher click thru rates, more conversions, and an overall higher ROI.