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Similarities between Miley Cyrus twerking and successful Realtors

While surfing YouTube this morning I came across a video of Miley Cyrus with the title of “Twerking.” Not knowing what the term twerking meant I can tell you I was surprised by the video, and the subsequent “how-to” videos that I saw on performing the dance move. After laughing hysterically for several minutes while watching a couple of clips, it occurred to me that there are some similarities between twerking and successful real estate agents. Now before you say “SERIOUSLY?” follow me here for a line or two.

1. Like a good twerking performance, successful Realtors are the ones who really put their heart and soul into what they do. Whether its working with a first time homebuyer, or with baby boomers selling their fourth home, they know the right steps to helping any type of client achieve their dreams. These agents are the ones who captivate their peers with their passion.

2. Some people are naturally good at twerking, but with others it takes practice, and lots of it. Realtors are not any different in that there are a very select few who are “natural sellers,” but for the rest, practice and repetition is the order of the day. Let’s face it, you can not excel at any challenge or task if you have not properly prepared and practiced for it over and over again.

3. Adaptation is required to be really good at twerking, or real estate sales. Like switching up dance styles to compliment the music, successful agents are adaptable to changing market conditions, shifting client expectations, and unforeseen transactional problems. They give less focus to what’s happened versus what’s the best solution to move forward. Remember this; it’s awfully hard to navigate forward if you’re constantly looking backward.

In summary, you will excel at real estate sales by being passionate about what you do, practicing to be the best, and staying focused on moving forward.