Imagine if you could clone yourself, and have each one of your clones focus on a different critical aspect of your business. Each would bring fresh ideas, laser-like focus, and great execution. No doubt your business would flourish! Profits would go up, employees would be happy, growth would be the order of the day, and everything would operate efficiently. Sounds good, right? Like, too good to be true...or is it?

Cloning yourself to run your business more effectively isn't possible yet. Right now, we all think the best alternative is to hire several different consultants, pay extremely high fees, and spend a ton of time communicating with a team of people to make improvements in your business. And to me, that's just crazy! Who has that much time?

Meet The Smithson Group. We offer best-in-class advice, knowledge, and detailed analysis to give your business a competitive advantage. But more importantly, we give you back your most valuable commodity...your time. We love helping businesses succeed in the long term by teaching them the skills necessary to achieve growth and success. It's the equivalent of feeding someone a fish one time versus teaching them how to fish for themselves. Let's develop a relationship of trust that will allow you to improve your business and your life.


Indulge me for a second and let me tell you a story. Growing up I had to move frequently, and I attended 11 different schools from elementary to high school. These formative years taught me the skills of influence and persuasion (sales) as I was continually having to make new friends. As a young US NAVY Corpsman and Paramedic, I learned about symptoms, diagnosis, and treating root causes (problem-solving using cause-and-effect logic). I also learned that you have very few opportunities to "get it right" (execution). Let's face it; lives depend on you.

But the biggest lessons I've learned were those borne out of becoming an entrepreneur. Putting everything I had on the line, stressing out, feeling overwhelmed, and risking failure. My experiences as an entrepreneur have dramatically increased my appreciation that time is a the most precious commodity that any human possesses. And -- by the way -- you don't know how much of it you really have. I've also learned that trust is only second to time in value. That’s why I founded Smithson Group. I want to help other entrepreneurs answer the question: What would you do with all your extra time if you owned a business that allowed you the opportunity to work on it rather in it?