Matthew (Matt) is a Virginia Beach, Virginia native, and a US Navy veteran who, after exiting the military, became involved with WMD disaster mitigation planning for the Hampton Roads region of Virginia.

After getting the itch to leave corporate America, Matt embarked on a career in real estate, which eventually lead to him becoming a sought-after coach working with real estate agents, teams, and loan officers from across the country. During this period, Matt also opened a web development and digital marketing company to expand services to his real estate clients but quickly started gaining marketing clients outside of the real estate industry.

"My clients were surprisingly open about their businesses and the problems that they faced. Initially, I would offhandedly offer advice, and  to my amazement they took it and ran with it, which dramatically improved their companies. Before I knew it, I had companies seeking me out for ongoing problem-solving advice. That's when I got very passionate about expanding my knowledge of business operations and human psychology. I became certified as a small business consultant, but more importantly, a student of Eliyahu M. Goldratt. That has been a game-changer for the people I work with and me too."

Today, in addition to his consulting practice, Matt also co-owns a real estate brokerage, Light Box Realty, with his wife, Jennifer. He's also the proud father of two amazing sons.


If you're the typical business owner, and you hear the word "consulting," you're probably thinking "expensive." In most cases, you would be correct. The majority of consulting firms use a dollars-for-hours based billing model with little consideration for the quality of work being provided and a lot of concern on their profits.

The Smithson Group is different, though. We are value-focused, and our fees are value-based. In other words, we charge based on the problem we solve or the value that we deliver, and we guarantee our work. This removes the risk of paying a consulting firm but never getting what you're looking for...HELP. Here is how our valued based fees work. You hire us, and the solution/strategy we deliver generates an additional $100K/year income for your business, we charge you $10K or 10%. The beauty in this is that you pay once, but you get the extra income in perpetuity.

If valued-based compensation doesn't work for your situation because of ambiguity, no worries, we also work on retainer and contingency too. Ultimately we are very passionate about solving sales, marketing, and cost takeout (efficiency) problems, and that is where we would like to start the conversation with you.

Are we a good fit, and can we help you? That's hard to say, but with a short consultation call (its free), we can find out quickly. What we can say is that we don't provide cookie-cutter solutions, nor do we have cookie-cutter clients. Our clients range from large 8 figure holding companies to solopreneurs and every type of business imaginable, and that's one of the major things we love about our work.