Commercial Waste Hauling Company Case Study

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The Work

Following an analysis, we identified several critical areas in which we helped a commercial waste hauling company dramatically improve their business in several different areas. As we discovered, many of the areas we focused on are not individually unique to this client, but more indicative of the commercial waste hauling industry as a whole.
Here were the key areas and scope of work:

    • DiSC Behavioral Profiling
    • Automating the process of hiring CDL Drivers
    • Billing, Collections, and Cash Flow
    • Marketing
    • Sales
    • Daily Operational Intelligence Dashboard

The Impact

DiSC Profiling

We first DiSC profiled key employees to get a baseline. Next, we educated managers and staff about interpreting DiSC profiles and how to administer them to future hiring candidates. Implementing DiSC testing before interviewing now allows the company to prescreen applicants which has a three-fold effect.
  1. They spend less time interviewing the wrong candidates.
  2. They are making better hiring decisions based on the candidate's DiSC profile and the position they are hiring for.
  3. The new hires enjoy the job they're being hired for because it matches their strengths, which reduces turnover.

Hiring CDL Drivers

We took the company's recruiting process which was costing $2500 a month and reduced it to $400 a month saving the company $25K+ annually. We implemented a different method that not only has significant cost savings but it also has significantly higher response rates to hiring ads. As part of the new process, we implemented a web-based prescreen process that allows CDL driver applicants to be vetted in advance of interviewing them. This saves many manhours that were previously being wasted interviewing drivers that could never be hired due to poor driving records, lack of valid medical cards, etc.


We helped identify significant inefficiencies in the billing process; as a result, the client implemented paperless billing for the majority of their commercial waste management accounts. The remaining paper billed accounts were automated so that printing, stuffing, postage, and mailing were completely automated. The cost savings amounted to more than $1K/month.


We implemented a new analysis method and a triage process for aged accounts. Coupled with training for administrative personnel, the company was able to increase weekly collection amounts 300% from $25K to $75K. As you can image, these new processes improved cash flow dramatically.


To increase sales from inbound marketing, we implemented a free marketing technique utilizing social media. This helps the client target homeowners who use waste hauling service more infrequently. In addition, we also implemented Google pay-per-click marketing to compete head-to-head with commercial waste brokers for new clients.


Gathering commercial waste hauling prospects was a long and lengthy process which we were able to significantly reduce by utilizing free resources which allow the client to readily identify new opportunities by geography. In particular, this improved their competitive position in the front-load waste hauling portion of their operations by identifying and securing clients along existing pickup routes.

Daily Operational Intelligence

Before engaging us the commercial waste hauler had no readily available real-time intelligence about operations at their multiple locations throughout the state. We were able to design a web-based data collection and reporting system that allows waste managers to see key metrics like the numbers of available CDL drivers, availability of trucks, inventory of cans, and the number of work orders by individual location. By gaining daily operational intelligence, it has allowed them to make better decisions and focus their assets efficiently where demand is most significant.