4 Phases of Cost Takeout

Our Cost Takeout Consulting helps your business eliminate unwanted expenses and improve performance. We use a planned strategy approach that reduces cost without sacrificing the quality of your product or services. And by doing so, your business gains in productivity, standardization of work practices, and ultimately an increase in your bottom line.

We use a four-phase cost takeout approach:

  • Financial performance and benchmarking across each sector of your business looking at P4
  • Evaluation of each sector's cost drivers
  • Identification of the minimum cost to support the strategic needs of your business
  • Recommendations and implementation strategy roadmap.Input your text here! The text element is intended for longform copy that could potentially include multiple paragraphs.

Understanding P4


If you need help improving the foundation of your company we can help! One of the most effective ways to reach your business's goal is to hire the best employees you can afford or place existing employees into roles in which they will thrive. Doing this builds a strong foundation for your company. But not doing so = a bad hire/employee! According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average cost for each bad hire can equal 30 percent of that individual’s annual earnings + what you've already paid them in salary...ouch!

The practice of evaluating and understanding who's the right person and who's not the right person can be challenging to say the least, but it's one of our areas of expertise. We utilize behavioral profiling via the DiSC Profile to give you insight into how people behave and function as it relates to the job role they need to fill. This tool is also incredibly beneficial when dealing with conflict resolution too. That's why 70% of the Fortune 500 use DiSC Profiles...IT WORKS!


To better understand how your business functions we utilize the Theory Of Constraints (TOC). TOC is based on systems thinking. Your business's system is a series of independent processes, working together toward a goal. Second, TOC views your business functions as a chain, which helps us identify the weakest link. Third, business systems operate in a cause-and-effect environment: One event triggers another. Finally, constraints aka bottlenecks are divided into two types: physical and policy. Physical constraints, for example, are the number of employees your company has. Policy constraints, on the other hand, are behaviors, attitudes, or lack of information.

We focus on alleviating constraints, which improves the speed of your business's production or service delivery. By improving your constraints, we reduce your waste, increase your production volume and improve quality by reducing the variation of your processes. The sum of these effects are improvements that dramatically boost your company's competitive position and predictability.

Products / Services

Selling Products or Services in today's uber-competitive marketplace can be an enormous challenge. One that almost every business faces day-to-day. We help you focus on improving three key areas:

  • Lead/Customer Generation
  • Lead/Customer Nurturing and Tracking
  • Lead/Customer Conversion

Addressing these areas will allow us to help you develop a predictable sales cycle which many businesses lack.


One goal exists for companies: To Make Money. Every action must trace back to that goal. That's why our business consulting service starts by focusing on your financials.

A thorough financial analysis makes it easier for us to find out what is slowing the advancement of your company. Identifying these constraints allows you and us to focus improvements where they can have the most significant impact on your profits and predictability.